Exhibition in Spain.

I participate with the video to the song Clouds by Twice a Man.

ACTIVA ’2012 > International sound-videoArt
at Galeria Texu in Oviedo, Spain.

This cultural-artistic event gathers together different artistic disciplines whose works use video as a process, a media for creation and diffusion. They present digital video (VCD-DVD) as a final artistic medium that will be modified in the futur with the impulse of the new digital technology.

Every work shows a transdisciplinary* coherence of different audiovisual techniques, audio and video in synchronized time.

sound-videoArt** Videoperformance / Videoaction Videoinstallation / Videosculpture The works created under this denomination have an open transdisciplinary character; however, this is not considered as an ephemeral work of immediate character, this is made with the distinct intention of perdurability. del 27 de Febrero al 08 de Marzo GALERIA TEXU localización C/ Postigo Bajo 13, Bajo – Oviedo 33009 – Asturias (España) horario y contacto Lunes a Viernes: 11 a 13 y de 17 a 20 h. Sábados: de 12 a 14 h.



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